This is a case study about a fruit section of an online supermarket in New York

It is a different example from the one given in the previous section as it is more focused on what sells, rather than what does not sell.

Fruits are very nutritious and they have many different varieties. There are also different types of fruits, such as red apples, blueberries and bananas. Discover the different types of fruits and learn how fruit is used in everyday life. Discover the different varieties of fruits, their characteristics, where to buy them and what to do with them. Learn more about shopping for groceries with one-click ordering using API’s for IBM.

We all love mangoes! Aside from being delicious and tasty, mangoes also provide a variety of nutrients that help us survive through long summer days on a beach or in a park. They also provide one of the best sources of antioxidants and vitamin C (which is why they have become such a favorite.

“Fruits are one of my favourite sales tools. I like to show them to my clients and provide them with information on what they can buy in supermarkets, how many people will be in the store at a given time, that some stores have a limited stock of particular items.”